The HYGREX ceiling air distribution system (DropHunter) DLV 3000/8 incorporates a speed-controlled fan, which takes up room air from below by a PP filter and blows this out again under the ceiling via the HYGREX 5-channel-point nozzle system. The main areas of application are in meat processing and food processing plants.The innovative ceiling air distributors have the following features:

  • Accelerated drying of drops on the ceiling by forced ventilation
  • Reduction of drop formation during cleaning tasks
  • Prevention of dripping water in non-ventilated zones
  • Accelerated evaporation of water at low temperatures
  • Maximum power 1.2 KW
  • Weight approx. 47 kg, according to equipment version
  • Nozzle velocities from 2.77 to 17 m/s (10 to 60 km/h)