As a growing family company with strong regional roots, the Hellmann HYGREX GmbH places great value upon a harmonious environment, dealing respectfully with the environment and long-term co-operation. We are of the opinion that satisfaction on the part of our clients and employees is the foundation for successful business. For the development of new products we place great value upon energy efficiency and sustainability and not unnecessarily burdening our environment.The basic principles of the company are made clear and elaborated in the following model:

Client-oriented service (drying solutions)
Our services furnish the right environment for our clients in order to concentrate entirely on matters of importance. The Service area includes drying system construction for different areas of application, competent consulting and advice, and long-term warranties.

Environmental consciousness
Environmental consciousness has a high value in our company. With our products, we stand for the highest energy efficiency (up to 85% energy savings compared with conventional drying methods) and completely CO2-free systems. HYGREX machines are not dependent upon the use of fossil fuels and therefore contribute to the protection of the environment.

HYGREX industrial driers offer the highest quality at a low price. The most modern production methods and water jet cutting ensure high manufacturing precision. 3D design planning enables us to eliminate faults from the very beginning. The systems are manufactured in cost-efficient modular design. Furthermore, the Hellmann-HYGREX GmbH uses the most modern production materials in order to guarantee maximum system durability.

Quality “Made in Germany” is another focal point of the Hellmann-HYGREX GmbH. Quality refers to product-related quality, client-oriented quality, production-oriented quality and value-oriented quality (cost-benefit ratio). Continuous industrial use (24 hours per day/7 days per week) can be ensured only when the quality demands of the areas just mentioned are met. Before each delivery our systems are put through their paces in test runs and leakage tests in order to guarantee problem-free commissioning.