Paint drying –HYGREX drying is excellently suited for water-based paints.
Advantages of the HYGREX process for paint and adhesive drying with water-based systems:

  • Reduction or complete elimination of skin formation by reducing the film temperature during drying (surfaces remain open)
  • Drying independent of weather conditions (closed system)
  • No heating required with heavy products (engines, steel constructions, etc.)
  • Reliable drying, even with thick layers
  • High energy efficiency
  • Upgrading of existing systems possible
  • No exhaust air


In particular for metal and plastic finishes

  • Reduction of imperfections, such as boils or cracking, with thick layers
  • No cooling zone or section required following drying
  • No overheating of temperature-sensitive products
  • No dulling of surfaces with glossy finishing systems


In particular for wood coatings

  • Optimum surfaces for all layer thicknesses thanks to low-temperature drying
  • Reduction of grinding effort
  • Reduction of brushing wood fibres
  • Reduction of micro-foam
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