2019 Product portfolio expanded to include industrial robots, painting booths and the construction of automated coating systems including drying.
Further development of the HYGREX drying processes for high temperature and high humidity.
2018 Project planning and delivery of a large plant with PLC control in the area of paint drying for the painting of gear motors.
Production of several HYGREX laboratory dryers LBT2500 for paint manufacturers in Europe and Asia.
2017 Relocation of the company headquarters from Hamburg to Kaltenkirchen with expansion of the production area by 50% and change of name from Hellmann-HYGREX Luft- und Klimatechnik GmbH to Hellmann-HYGREX GmbH.
Project planning and delivery of a special plant with four HYGREX low-temperature dryers and a large oven up to 80°C for serial drying of painted exterior attachments in the premium segment of the automotive industry.
2016 Retrofit of the evaporation zone of a large plant for water-based paints on plastic parts with the HYGREX drying system. With this increase in output of up to 100% was achieved.
2015 Delivery of a high-temperature dryer for a large plant in the electroplating / wire manufacturing.
2014 Development and production of a wind tunnel for the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Applied Materials Research (IFAM).
With wind speeds of up to 350 km/h and temperatures as low as -30 °C, atmospheric icing can be simulated and, for example, the icing of rotor blades or blade profiles can be simulated with controlled humidity.
2013 A special climate chamber with sunlight simulation is produced for the wind power industry.
2012 Construction of a drying plant for the drying of wood window series (drying of primer, intermediate paint and topcoats with a HYGREX machine).
Production of a drying plant for the aviation industry.
Delivery of a special plant with two industrial dryers using cold brine instead of cold gases.
2011 Completion of a new climatic chamber for the testing and further development of HYGREX machines Installation of a low-temperature dehumidifier (to -30°C) with additional refrigerating function for the meat industry Conclusion of the joint project “New functional and bio-mimetic surfaces for the prevention/ reduction of ice growth”, funded by the German Centre for Aerospace Research (DLR)
2010 Procurement of a water jet cutter and modernisation of production. Delivery of an environmental simulation with combined mechanical cycling test, spray test and sunlight simulation for temperatures from -30°C to 100°C.
2009 Installation of numerous Hygrex paint drying systems for massive products (engines and steel constructions) weighing up to 10 metric tons and also in the wooden window division of the Rieder KG.
2008 Expanding laboratory activities to include the area of environmental simulation.
2007 Development and delivery of a large system for drying casting moulds by the engineer Claus Hellmann for the Mecklenburger Metallguss foundry.
2006 Installation of the first HYGREX system in ageing rooms in the meat industry.
2004 Graduate engineer Rüdiger Hellmann joins the company.
2002 European patent application for the thin layer drying process (paint, adhesives, etc.) On the basis of the continued development of the HYGREX drying process, the company was again awarded the Bavarian state prize. Commissioning of the Hygrex machine CH20.000 at Daimler Sindelfingen / Maybach.
2000 Development of the first laboratory drier with PC visualisation in co-operation with Daimler Sindelfingen.
1987 In the year of the environment Claus Hellmann is awarded the Bavarian state prize for his innovative drying process.
1980 First industrial application of HYGREX systems for the environmentally friendly drying of contaminated industrial slurries.
1975 Continuous production of driers.
1973 Development of the first HYGREX dry air generator by the engineer Claus Hellmann.